IBA Limited is a leading recruitment agency placing skilled professionals and semi skilled workers across the UK in positions which suit their qualifications, skills, experience and talents. We are made up of an experienced and qualified management team across the country who provide services according to your business needs and personnel requirements; we ensure all personnel fit in to your business culture and required criteria.

We understand that any organisations’ most vital and fundamental resource is their people so we work closely with you and conduct a full consultation to attain an understanding of your business and use that knowledge to place a suitable candidate in to your organisation.


We provide Professional Services:


House Keeping

Public Area Cleaning

Hotel Satff

Waiters and Bar tenders

Concierge and Porters

Domestic Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Construction Cleaning

Warehouse & Factory Staff

And General Work


IBA Recruitment Limited aims to provide you with a hassle free service in which we work hard so you can rest assured. All candidate qualifications and references are checked thoroughly, interviews are conducted and they are also tested on their skills where applicable before we put them forward for any positions. Once an individual is offered a position they are provided with a basic knowledge of the Rules and Legislations in the proposed organisation  of work.

We aim to provide all our clients with an efficient, professional and tailored service, looking after their recruitment needs and fulfilling them to a superb standard.

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210 Church Road, Leyton, London. E10 7JQ